Virtually every challenge, every opportunity, and every important issue you face as an executive within your healthcare organization has been, or is being addressed by creative, innovative healthcare executives throughout America. In many cases, other executives, your colleagues, have solved some of these challenges, taken advantage of similar opportunities and are well on their way to appropriately addressing critical issues you face. Best practices, better practices, different practices, as well as refined strategies, policies, and procedures are being created and implemented all across America.

Many of these innovations and improvements are directly applicable and highly valuable to you and your healthcare organization. And, these innovations and improvements are readily available via non-competitive colleagues. Our National Learning Networks provide the opportunity for you to learn from and share with your colleagues throughout America in a non-competitive environment.

Don’t expect…

  • Boring lectures
  • Theories without examples
  • Passive learning
  • Sales pitches
  • Sitting still for two days

National Learning Networks are highly energetic, participant driven and filled with experience based learning from your colleagues throughout the country.