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Benefits of Membership

  • Members meet 2 times per year for a two day highly interactive meeting focusing on strategies, results and lessons learned.
  • Agendas are member driven and results oriented.
  • Meetings include presentations and discussion by outside “experts” as well as by members of the National Learning Network.
  • In addition to presentations and discussion requested by the members, each meeting includes a focused, facilitated roundtable discussion regarding high priority issues or opportunities facing each member. Such discussion involves all participants and provides an excellent venue for open and honest sharing, learning from others, best or better practice identification, and great food for thought regarding high priority issues and opportunities of individual and collective members.
  • Meetings include ample time and opportunity for members to network and to personally and professionally bond with each other and as a group. A networking dinner is offered to enhance learning, networking and building effective, high value, long-term relationships.
  • “Requests For Information” (RFIs) is a popular service which yields high value and encourages NLN members to request important information from other members. All members who respond to a given request will receive a summary of all responses. Reports are distributed within 14 days of a given request. There is no limit to the number of RFIs a member may request.
  • Monthly conference calls focused on topics as requested by members

Members of this National Learning Network

  • Experienced senior customer service executives from non-competing, highly respected, healthcare organizations throughout America.
  • Have substantial influence and responsibility patient satisfaction and processes that impact the patients their organizations serve.
  • Share procedures, policies and programs which have been effective in their organizations.
  • Enjoy outstanding return on investment based on the powerful exchange of information throughout the meetings and interactions.